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We focus on subjects many sites don't go near. The goal? Reveal the good, bad, and the ugly to help you live a better life. 

About Us

In a Nutshell

Rees Networks is an independent, creative 'part for profit' company based on - and around - the internet. 

We do not see the internet as being a 'web' - 'world-wide' or not, as it's still described.  The internet is in truth, one, gigantic NETWORK which is made up of many millions of other networks - of all sizes. 

Whether you are an individual or a small company, the implications of the statement above are huge. You deserve to succeed and enjoy life. Take advantage of this new world and avoid the hidden pitfalls. 

Note: Politics and divisive opinions have no place here. Also we promote no sales or schemes - so put your wallet down and enjoy what we have to offer in the way of wisdom and advice!

What Else Do We Do?

We develop and operate sites which may be tied together and linked by the ReesNet logo - or operate on a totally standalone basis. The difference is usually driven by SEO-related reasons, or simply content sensitivity.

Everything works in the bigger picture in our model because Search Engine Optimization is the single greatest strategy related to creating a successful site. This is also a a strategy we understand and very proficient in. 

If you want to spread a message or make a sale, how your site places when searched for is the ultimate key to success.

If you have an internet business or are interested in possibly starting one, Tom Rees took $20,000 and within 3 years was offered $1,000,000 for a 25% interest. He didn't take the offer and was later relieved - but NOT for the reasons you might guess!  

What We Do to Fund the Site

We are developing a lottery scratchers app that, UNLIKE the guys who claim fail-safe methods that are selling for between $47 and up PER MONTH FOR A SUBSCRIPTION, or $100 and more up for totally bogus software our app will be $4.99 - FOR A YEAR!! We are going to undermine systems and "cons" in different areas as honestly - we have to support the site, but everything will be transparent and HONEST!

Rees Networks builds teams when more complex site or app projects require it, outsourcing work to companies and/or freelancers who are interested in building a relationship and who can get the job done!right! 

DOMAINING has been an exciting and growing part of the business. That is the buying and selling of URL's (Site names) .

Wordsmithing and being able to spot trends in different areas is pretty exciting if you view potential site names online as the finite "real estate" market of the internet. There are fewer and fewer great names available so they sell on a secondary market, if you will. We will be discussing these techniques - especially costly for advice from others.

These "for profit" areas of business can help fund site projects designed to educate, inform and help people improve their lives. 

The personal satisfaction gained from such efforts is tough to beat - and that's a pretty cool thing - and the driving force behind much of what Rees Networks intends for our sites to be and do - help people who could use a leg up in life - without taking advantage of them!

Contact Us

Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions Are Welcome

Few aspects of my life a secret, as I have learned almost everything I know today the hard way, 

I welcome any questions or suggestions about the site, or any of the subjects we cover.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me! Enjoy the site and come back often as we will continually be growing and offer new and interesting information that is far from mainstream!

Tom Rees

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Tom's personal hours often extend beyond those above - so there is no harm in trying to contact me 24/7.

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