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About Us

In a Nutshell

Rees Networks is a creative tech company that is primarily internet- based. We take on projects, large and small, that often involve working in a variety of capacities listed below.

The company was founded in 2009 and is managed by Tom Rees. 

Our mission is simple! It also makes our work fun and rewarding. We focus on niche arenas where data shows most people are clearly seeking information and answers related to problems or issues standing between them and an improved quality of life. 

What We Do

We develop and operate sites which may be tied together and linked by the ReesNet logo - or operate on a totally standalone basis. The difference is usually driven by SEO-related reasons, or simply content sensitivity.

Everything works in the bigger picture in our model because Search Engine Optimization is the single greatest strategy related to creating a successful site. This is also a a strategy we understand and very proficient in. 

If you want to spread a message or make a sale, how your site places when searched for is the ultimate key to success.

How We Do it

No smoke and mirrors here. If you want excellent work done and you are into coding or something that is over our head - we can outsource it.

When outsourcing any online work - however - you had better have access to hire the very best freelancers in the market.

DOMAINING (the buying, selling of Urls) is very exciting if you view the available names online as good or bad, you know why, and you realize that such names represent the "real estate" of the internet . This is a "for profit" area of business, and can help fund any new project we are considering.

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Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions Are Welcome

Few aspects of my life a secret, as I have learned almost everything I know today the hard way, 

I welcome any questions or suggestions about the site, or any of the subjects we cover.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me! Enjoy the site and come back often as we will continually be growing and offer new and interesting information that is far from mainstream!

Tom Rees

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(310) 341-3275

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Tom's personal hours often extend beyond those above - so there is no harm in trying to contact me 24/7.

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