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Welcome to Rees Networks

We focus on subjects many sites don't go near. The goal? Reveal the good, bad, and the ugly to help you live a better life. 

About Us


In a Nutshell

Rees Networks is an independent, creative company driven by the desire to improve and/or develop websites that are more user friendly and appealing than their predecessors.

We do not see the internet as being a 'web', but rather a single, gigantic NETWORK made up of many millions of other networks - of all sizes. MANY of these carry important information but have never been optimized or SEO'd to current standards.

Whether you are an individual or a small company, the information we provide  exists because you deserve to succeed and enjoy life.We help emphasize important aspects of successful practices and completely expose hidden pitfalls.


What Else Do We Do?

We develop and operate sites which may be tied together and linked by the ReesNet logo - or operate on a totally standalone - even anonymous - basis. Anonymous sites often carry and reveal valuable information and we would rather not deal with retaliation or blowback.

For a diverse group of sites to succeed in the big picture, Search Engine Optimization is the key strategy related to creating a successful site with lots of traffic. .

As you know -  to spread a message or make a sale, how your site places when searched for (and the resulting traffic) will ultimately lead to the success or failure of the business.


Is Rees Networks a non-profit?

Technically we are not a 401C3 but neither do we raise money from the public or any entity at this time. We are focused on traffic, sites, and apps.

Rees Networks builds teams when more complex site or app projects require it, outsourcing work to companies and/or freelancers who are interested in building a relationship and who can get the job done best.

We are developing several commercial apps that are indeed  based on profit oriented plans. 

Today,  any profit-oriented ideas will simply help feed our information network or help people who depend on same in special situations. 

DOMAINING has been an exciting and growing part of the business for years now. 'Domaining' is simply the buying and selling (or trading) of URL's (potential site names) .

Domaining successfully depends upon being able to spot trends in different areas and know how to best 'wordsmith' your way to the center of that arena.

It is exciting to look at URL's and site names online as the "real estate market" of the internet. Like land - fewer and fewer great names are available!

Contact Us

Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions Are Welcome

Few aspects of my life a secret, as I have learned almost everything I know today the hard way, 

I welcome any questions or suggestions about the site, or any of the subjects we cover.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me! Enjoy the site and come back often as we will continually be growing and offer new and interesting information that is far from mainstream!

Thomas (Tom) Rees

PO BOX 119, SANTA FE, NM, 87504

(310) 341-3275

Hours - 9am to 5 pm Mountain Time



Tom's personal hours often extend beyond those above - so there is no harm in trying to contact him on a  24/7 basis.

Drop us a line!